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Photo by: Sisters Horsing Around……

Emily and Sarah from Sisters Horsing Around are first generation equestrians! Their mission is to bridge the gap between non-riders and the horse community. Through various social platforms, they have become ‘equestrian guides’. Their content is easily understood by both riders and non-equestrians.

The Adventures of Sisters Horsing Around

Recently, this duo went to Okeechobee, Florida to the BLM Mustang Event. These two love their mustangs!

Emily and Sarah both ride a variety of disciplines. English and western riders will enjoy learning something new on their YouTube channel and blog.

On their Instagram, they share interesting facts about rare breeds like the Mongolian Horse and Takhi.

These ladies also get involved in various clubs and associations like the United States Pony Clubs.

Follow along as they travel to unique horse destinations like Coyote Crossing Equestrian Center in Virginia.

These sisters have a lot of fun in the horse world! Join in and experience their adventures.