Photos courtesy of Adobe Interiors……

There are a few different classic staples that go into the making of any good sitting room. Take a look at these from Adobe Interiors.

A couch is typically the main thing you want to plan for and plan around when it comes to thinking about a sitting area staple. It will be your largest piece so therefore what everything else needs to compliment as well as your most expensive so choose wisely.

Most of the time, the man of the house prefers to have a recliner. Make a statement like this red one does or choose something that matches your couch.

Can’t forget your coffee table!

Adding in accent chairs? Again, this is a great option to add in fun colors or prints.

Ottomans are always a great idea as well. Pair them with your accent chairs so people can kick their feet up, or they’re also great for extra seating when you have guests over. Pro tip: sometimes you can store them under your coffee table or sofa table!

If you’re feeling adventurous, have the space, and want to push your room over the top, add a chaise lounge!

Last but not least, toucan’t forget about decor! Make sure you have the perfect pieces to compliment your space.

Add pops of color like a pro by clicking here for some show-stopping pieces.