Cowgirl - Skijoring
Cowgirl - Skijoring
PC: Out There Colorado

Adrenaline seekers, the sport of skijoring is for you! Skiing got a whole lot more fun when a horse was added to the mix. This unique sport has a western flare. Rider’s suit up their horses and get ready for a good gallop. Skiers brace themselves as they maneuver around obstacles and go over jumps. Together, the team has a bunch of fun in the snow!

You’ll find skijoring across the world. Each country offers a slightly different version. In North America, you’re likely to see a long rope attached to the horn of a western saddle. Other times there’s no rider at all, rather long driving reins that the skijorer holds.

Before you go thinking it’s only for extremists, reconsider! The sport can actually be tried by even beginners. Slow the horse down to a trot and you’ll have a more manageable ride or pull. Take caution though and watch out for slippery conditions. Your horse should also be accustomed to pulling things.

Check out skijoring in action: