Cookies are good, but there is something about baking a cookie in a skillet that makes it taste even better. Maybe it’s the gooey center or a scoop of ice cream on top. Take your cookie game up to the next level with these delicious skillet cookie recipes.

This gluten-free chocolate chip skillet cookie is made using buckwheat flour, but you can easily substitute that for all-purpose flour if you desire. The prep and baking time is pretty quick – making this a dessert you can enjoy without too much effort.

Recipe and photo by Tasha’s Artisan Foods.

A giant red velvet skillet cookie is loaded with chocolate chips.

Recipe and photo by Certified Pastry Aficionado.

Meet the peanut butter skillet cookie, it’s make with health ingredients like chickpeas so you don’t have to feel any guilt not sharing this dessert.

Recipe and photo by Peanut Butter & Fitness.

The salted caramel skillet cookie is loaded with chocolate, caramel, and sea salt. Talk about a perfect cheat day snack.

Recipe and photo by Kleinworth & Co.

This super stuffed skillet cookie is loaded with pretzels, chocolate, and caramel sauce.

Recipe and photo by Pie Girl Bakes.