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Trail riding can be a great way to relax and sightsee with your horse. There are so many different adventures you can go on, including riding on the beach, open fields, and deep in the woods. It’s important you prep your horse for your next big ride. They should know a thing or two before you head out!

1. Load easily into a trailer: This skill is particularly helpful if you don’t have trails on your property. And even if you do, it’s nice to explore new places! You really don’t want to fight your horse for an hour each time you have to load up. Make sure they’re a pro before your plan your next ride!

2. Ride out alone: Your horse should be confident away from the group. Many riders like to head out alone, especially around their property. Furthermore, you should be about to ride back alone in the event of an emergency.

3. Be a leader and follower: It’s helpful if your horse can lead and follow on the trails. If your riding buddies aren’t familiar with the path, you may want to lead the way. Additionally, it’s nice to take turns and be in the back of the group too.

4. Stay calm: You never know what could appear on the trails- deer, plastic bags, or even a bridge. Your horse should be able to stay calm and confident through anything. They need to drop that flight response.

5. Watch their feet: A lazy horse that is clumsy can be dangerous on the trails. Teach them to know where their feet are. They should be able to go around rocks and step over tree roots.

Trail riding is like any other discipline, it takes training and patience!