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These hand carved skulls from Skull Bliss are the perfect wow factor to add to any home! They’re beautiful without being over the top!

Skull Bliss showcases exquisite handcrafted Animal Skull Carvings by Balinese Indigenous Artists and is backed by a western management. As a large multicultural team based in Bali, Indonesia, we take pride in producing from ethically acquired animal skulls. Our carvings are masterfully chiseled one by one to create exceptional pieces for every collector, designer, or handmade-art enthusiast. Our local artisans have spent years to learn the skills in sculpting remarkable pieces that will last forever.”

“It started with their early ancestors who used up all the parts of the animals they’ve hunted for food that nothing went to waste. The skulls are made into artful tributes to the highly appreciated animals who had played their part. In honor of their cultural heritage and old tradition, the authentic way of carving or sculpting has been preserved until today, but now it’s created with cruelty-free animal bones.”

“Unfortunately, most local artists cannot blend passion and profession as they are often not recognized for their talent. We acknowledge the artists´ potential and we want them to continue what they love, so we fairly compensate for them to do both: keep on following their passions and provide for their families. When you shop with us, you will not only be supporting Balinese artists and their families, but you’ll also get your hands on a masterpiece at an affordable price – a masterpiece that will bring Bali straight to your home.” –Skull Bliss

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