You know when a business has been kickin’ since 1909, then the product has to be fantastic. Although several owners have taken several different paths with Greeley, one thing has remained the same…good, quality work.

As far as “off the shelf,” their “Competitor,” hat is one of my faves, just because they make it in a huge array of colors. Sure the standard black and brown are classy, but Greeley Hat Works manages to make even red, blue, and spotted hats look slick as hell! But where GHW really shines is their ability to create custom works of hat art in any shape your heart desires. They kill it at the traditional working cowboy hat, but they have also produced an assortment of retro lids that would make any western fashionista envious!

I’ve handpicked a few hats from their site, but like I said, dream big and just custom order you one! You will NOT regret it.