Refined black jeans

Black is always a sophisticated choice in style terms. A streamlined black pair of jeans is a fashion staple for any chic equestrian. Available at Johnny Was, $88.

Real riding pants

If you’re serious about your equestrian status, you’ll opt for actual riding pants that not only look the part, but get it done. You can do exactly this with these David Lerner Riding Pants. Available at The Trend Boutique, $115. 

Equestrian luxury

You’re engaging in one of the prestigious sports, so why not wear the most prestigious riding pants to fit the roll ever so elegantly? For a high fashion feel during your rides, don these impeccable riding pants from Gucci’s Equestrian Collection. Available at Gucci, $650.

Leather touch

Adding leather to your riding pants makes all the difference. Not only do you have a better grip, but you have an edgy style. It’s a risky move but it’s a risky sport. Paired with a chic and modest top, you’ll be the best dressed out on the grounds in these leather panel leggings by Paige Denim. Available at Nordstrom, $599.