If you tend to run late in the morning due to hair drying and hair styling, then these sleep-in hairstyles will be huge time savers for you. Try out these easy hairstyles you can sleep in all night, wake up, shake out and go the next morning.

 The Classic French Braid 

Photo and tutorial courtesy of Pinterest

Sleep in this classic braid in order to wake up to luxurious, voluminous waves. Make sure your hair is slightly damp to achieve more of a defined wave. 

The Top Knot 

Photo and tutorial courtesy of Running On Happiness 

If you’re interested in saving time at night, as well as in the morning then this top knot tutorial will show you how to achieve a successful bun. In the morning, just take out your top knot and shake your hair out. Your locks should be voluminous with a very slight wave. Make sure your hair is slightly damp prior to sleeping on the top knot.

Paper Towel Curls Tutorial

Photo and tutorial courtesy of Page Daily 

If you want beautiful, bouncy curls in the morning but don’t want the heat damage and don’t have the time to manually curl, this tutorial will save you lots of time—and protect your hair!