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Photos courtesy of Teskeys.com……

As we head into these winter months, it can be hard to find warm clothes that are also stylish. With these western slippers, you don’t have to compromise style for warmth!

Look how many cute options there are! Being fur-lined is an added bonus.

Blazin Roxx Mika Fur Slipper, $28, Teskeys.com

Slip on these slip-ons!

Blazin Roxx Jaci Fur Slippers, $28, Teskeys.com

Fur-lined with cactus print? Yes, please!

Blazin Roxx Dana Fur Ankle Slipper, $20, Teskeys.com

These will keep your ankles warm too!

Blazin Roxx Sidney Serape House Slipper, $15, Teskeys.com

We never say no to serape, and these are on sale!