Left photo Courtesy of Lexi Schaapveld. Right photo courtesy of @haychix on Instagram.……

Hay Chix created the ultimate slow feeder hay net for you and your livestock! 

With the goal of saving time, money and hay, Erin Olson and Kristine Jacobsen created Hay Chix hay nets. 

“In 2008 at the height of the housing bubble burst, we (Kris and Erin) were barely able to feed our families, let alone feed our herds of horses. As we talked about how to save our money, we knew containing the round bales we were feeding would help, and the idea of netting came up.

“After about two years of testing and refining, we found that our product could solve more problems than saving horse owners time, money, and hay.

“We now manufacture over fifty different nets that reduce hay waste from an average of 57% per bale to less than 6%.”

They have a hay net to accommodate for each type of eater!

“Hay Chix nets have also been found to reduce stress, relieve breathing issues, reduce food aggression, and slows hay consumption. This ultimately creates happier, healthier herds… and of course, the owners too!”

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