Photo courtesy of Sand Creek Post & Beam.……

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Cowgirl Hotlist

A small horse barn is perfect for those that just have a few horses. By building smaller, you can save money and space. Most riders only need a few stalls anyway! These beautiful designs will hopefully get your creative juices flowing.

Photo courtesy of The Barn Yard.

First up, this traditional red and white beauty! It appears to have two stalls and a hay loft. It’s very functional to have an overhang, which protects your horse from rain and the sun.

Photo courtesy of Brown’s Construction of VA.

This four-stall barn has a simple design. It features open stalls and a feed/tack room on the side. The overhang is a nice touch! You can put this barn in the center of your field, so the horses have access to shelter.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

How lovely is this three-stall barn! It even has a feed/tack room for convenience. The wooden sides give it a traditional feel.

Photo courtesy of The Barn Yard.

This stable can function as four stalls or three stalls and a feed/tack room. As pictured, the horses can walk in and out. The overhang will keep the front of the stalls from getting wet.

Photo courtesy of The Barn Yard.

One of my favorites! You have access to the three/four stalls from inside and outside. It’s nice to have an inside aisle for grooming and tacking up.

Can you imagine one of these on your horse property? There’s so many clever designs. You can find more inspiration here: Small Barns That You And Your Horses Will Love!