"Cowgirl Magazine" - Small Barns

A small barn may be the perfect option for you and your horses. If you only need a few stalls, then there’s no reason to go overboard with a large stable. Small barns can help you bring your horses to your property without spending a fortune. They range in design, colors, materials, amenities, and costs. Check these ideas out for some inspiration!

Small barns don’t have to be short on design. This barn has three stalls and a feed/tack room. The stalls lead out to the pasture, which makes for easy turnout.

Simple and traditional! For those looking for a few more stalls without a complex design, this is a great option.

How cute is this two stall barn! It even has a feed/tack room. Just think, your horses can be right in your backyard. A barn like this is functional and price-friendly.

No need to go overboard when you just need one stall. This simple barn is affordable and can be placed out in the field. The overhang and window in the stall are both nice touches.

Most horse owners would love the opportunity to keep their horses on their own property. Sometimes, a small barn is all you need!