Smart Halter

Technology continues to advance in the horse industry. It’s no surprise that a “smart” halter was invented. NIGHTWATCH is a safe and comfortable breakaway halter with embedded technology. It will alert you through text, voice, and email if your horse is in trouble. You’ll be able to sleep easier!

NIGHTWATCH Smart Halter, $799.99; NIGHTWATCH

A monitoring plan is required. They start at $49.99 a month.

High-quality craftsmanship went into the construction of this unique piece. It is handcrafted from 1″ Havana-brown leather with stainless steel hardware. It includes a double-buckle crown and snap throat latch.

How does this halter work?

NIGHTWATCH is able to monitor your horse’s vital signs and behaviors. It works in real-time to identify the early warning signs. Furthermore, this smart halter looks for deviations in normal physiology.

It monitors your horse’s heart rate and respiratory rate with novel radio frequency technology. There are a variety of sensors in the halter that accesses your horse’s activity, motion, and posture. It can identify pawing, kicking, violent rolling, and flank watching.

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