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At some point in a cowgirl’s life, we end up smelling like a horse. Whether it’s from spending time with them, working them and/or cleaning out their stalls, we are gonna smell like a horse. That is perfectly okay!


Your non-horse friends may not be as okay with smelling a horse as much as you are. 

Luckily, there are ways to combat it!

  • Dryer Sheets

If you keep your barn clothes in a bag to change into at the barn, keep some dryer sheets in that bag to help with the odor. Do the same with your barn shoes! 

  • Air Freshener

Keep an air freshener in your car! It will neutralize any smells left over from the barn. Be sure to replace as necessary! 

  • Windows Up, Windows Down

Just follow this easy rule to keep the barn smells at the barn: windows up at the barn, windows down on the way home. Easy as that!

  • Keep Necessities in Your Car

Stock your car with perfume, deodorant, dry shampoo, and other toiletries to freshen up after the barn. No need to stop back home to do it now!

  • Stronger Detergent

Consider using a stronger or different detergent if your clothes are stained with barn odor. There are detergents out there specifically designed for cowgirls, ranch hands and the like!

  • Shoes Outside

Leave your barn shoes outside your house. If you need to find covering for them, keep them in the garage or at the barn. Shoes are the worst to track unwanted smells.