Photos courtesy of @hassayampasoapco on Instagram.……

So, apparently, fancy soaps are something I am now obsessed with. Not only are handcrafted soaps very aesthetically pleasing to look at, they smell amazing! They’re also a great gift idea for your gal pals! How incredible are these soaps from Hassayampa Soap Co.? I will take one of each!

Who doesn’t love the smell of peaches? Their logo engraving is super cute too!

I’m a sucker for succulents!

A desert landscape? In a bar of soap? I am BLOWN AWAY.

Serape is always a great idea! As is this serape-inspired bar.

These look good enough to eat! But, please do not eat them!!

Honestly, the thought of using any other soap is now an unappealing one. I never thought I would be so interested in something as simple as soap, but hey anything is possible these days!