Photos by @hairbymegaria.……

Hoping to update your look for the spring, but don’t have time for traditional color upkeep? There’s a new color on the block that’s made for the cowgirl on-the-go. Its dusty-warm hues earned it the name ‘Smoked Marshmallow.’

This color makes use of ashy brown and icy blonde tones to achieve a stylish, modern look. To create it, stylists use a balayage technique to apply color at the middle and ends of the hair. If you have brown roots, they’ll leave them natural to create a subtle ombre effect. The brown and blond work together to create a color that’s warm yet muted, like a marshmallow fresh off the fire.

The best part about it? ‘Smoked Marshmallow’ is a low-maintenance style, making it perfect for the busy cowgirl.

Here’s the color created by Megan Ilene Martinez (@hairbymegaria on Instagram). Check out her work below!

What do you think of this new color?