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Finding your favorite riding jean involves a lot of trial and error. This one’s too short. That one chafes. This one can’t keep your shirt tucked. That one’s just plain uncomfortable. Smooth Stride offers high-quality denim blue jeans for horsewomen in two different designs: the Real Riding Jean and the Full Seat Jean. Each pair of their jeans are made in the U.S. and feature no inseam, a smart phone pocket, and a comfort fit waistband!

Real Riding Jean

Smooth Stride Real Riding Jean.

These high-quality, U.S.-made, denim blue jeans are designed without any inseam at all, eliminating the source of irritation and injury that occurs when that inseam is trapped between you and your saddle – especially the lump created where the inseam crosses the center seam in the crotch. Smooth Stride Jeans have no inseam and no lump!

Waist is medium-high rise in the back. It eliminates the gap in the back when mounted and provides ample coverage for women of all sizes. Meanwhile, the medium rise (medium-low in smaller sizes and medium-high in larger) in the front stays out of the way when riding and offers a comfortable fit and stylish look for every-day wear. Shop the Real Riding Jean.

Full Seat Jean

Left: Smooth Stride Real Riding Jean. Right: Smooth Stride Full Seat Riding Jean.

Smooth Stride’s Full Seat Jean has a full, synthetic, black leather seat and inner legs for performance in the saddle. Like high-end riding breeches, the entire seat and inner legs are microsuede, an amazing material that looks, feels, and wears like real split suede leather—except it washes and dries as easily as the denim. It breathes, wicks away moisture, and feels soft and luxurious against the skin! Shop the Full Seat Jean.

Smooth Stride’s riding jeans have such useful features for riding that we just have to highlight them.

Contour-Fit Waistband

Smooth Stride jeans feature the contoured waistband found in high-end women’s slacks. The medium-high back rise and the contour hug the center of your back when mounted and provide ample coverage for women of all sizes. Meanwhile, the medium-low front rise stays out of the way when riding and offers a comfortable fit and stylish look for every-day wear. The waistband is lined with synthetic suede which provides a luxurious feel against the skin and keeps shirts tucked in.

Smart Phone Pocket

Whether you’re an endurance rider, trail or extreme trail rider, or simply hacking for pleasure or conditioning, you don’t want to be without your cell phone in case of trouble. Smooth Stride’s smartphone pocket is unobtrusive, secure, and comfortable for when you’re in-saddle. The angled welt pocket is located on the right thigh and designed with interior shelves that prevent the phone from slipping out accidentally.

Boot Cut

Smooth Stride offers their bootcut leg in three lengths: Regular (31″), Long (33″) and Extra Long (36″). The extra leg length looks better in the saddle, and helps prevent the pants from riding up at the higher gaits. And if you want “stack”, order one length up!


No metal, glass, or sharp or hard edges anywhere on the back of the jeans so as not to damage or mar expensive saddles. The Smooth Stride logo is embroidered on the right rear pocket, and they use metal rivets only on the front.

If you haven’t found your go-to riding jean just yet, check out the Real Riding Jean and Full Set Jean at Their quality and performance are hard to match!