As one of my favorite western fashion icons, I NEEDED Kacey Musgraves to start her own line of somethin’! It turns out dreams do come true, because in true Kacey fashion, her first order of fashion business is creating a line of boots, “Kacey for Lucchese.” After doing my research and some good old-fashioned Instagram stalking, I’m here to tell you each boot in this line is more beautiful and quirkier than the next!

The four boots revealed in both Kacey’s and Lucchese’s most recent posts included dusty pinks, fringe, serape, arrows and gold. So basically, hubba hubba, where can I get my hands on a pair? Well, if you’re itchin’ for a pair yourself, the official fan pre-sale starts October 1, at and and the official launch is November 1, 2015!

Happy boot shopping, my friends!