Photos courtesy of @soniclifford Instagram……
Photos courtesy of @soniclifford Instagram

Soni’s outfit game was so on point at RFD-TV’s The American, she needed her own post! This dark-haired beauty is rocking this look like no one else could!

Soni is already beyond gorgeous with her olive skin tone, long, dark hair, and big, dark eyes, but it takes a certain kind of beautiful to pull off an outfit of this caliber.

That skirt is certainly a statement piece! She paired it with a solid-colored shirt and shoes to help offset it, but they still pack a punch with the hint of sparkles! That matching Bobbie Palczewski fringe purse and simple neck-tie are the perfect accessories, too!

And the back of the outfit is just as gorgeous! It helps that Soni’s dark hair cascades down to give way to the fringe!

Would you rock this look?