Since 1903, 160 acres of lush landscape stretching along the Colorado River has been home to the territory today known as Sorrel River Ranch.  Passed down through several families over the last century,  the ranch was officially opened to guests in 1999, by former bass guitarist for Rick Springfield, Robbie Levin.  The name for the property pays homage to the earthy rust color found in American Quarter Horses, which is mimicked by the majestic red rocks of Moab, Utah, where the resort is located.  Today the resort is run by Elizabeth Rad, and  maintains Moab’s reputation as the adventure capital of the American Southwest.  Just a glance out the window of nearly any room on the property provides breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.  Visitors can enjoy everything the area offers: Colorado River rafting, horseback riding, mountain biking, canyoneering, hot air balloon tours and even skydiving.  And don’t forget to make time to explore Arches National Park to see the towering Delicate Arch—Utah’s unofficial symbol.  For a slower paced vacation, the resort also offers private art lessons, yoga classes, and a whole bevy of spa packages in the boutique spa.  For the foodies, each on-site restaurant places a strong emphasis on utilizing locally-sourced ingredients from the ranch’s all-natural garden, and prepares each plate with a farm-to-table approach.  Sorrel River Ranch & Spa offers a highly unique opportunity to experience the rustic, natural charm—and heart pounding adventure—of wild Utah from within the luxury of a four-star resort.