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Sorrel Sky Gallery will host a one-woman show, “Wild Things,” featuring the works of local sculptor Lisa Gordon. The show opens on March 3 from 5-7, with an artist reception at the gallery’s downtown location at 125 W Palace Ave. The exhibition will include new works celebrating the coming of Spring and can be enjoyed through March 31.

On March 4&5, Lisa will teach a 2-day workshop, “Creature Castings.” Students will learn to sculpt a small figure direct from wax, and cast the final piece using the lost wax method. Visit their website for more information or call 505-501-6555.

Sculptor Lisa Gordon was born and raised in Southern California. As a teen, she rode, sketched, cared for, and trained horses. Those memories and her deep-rooted love for horses have become the foundation of her work. While attending California State University at Fullerton for her MFA, Lisa developed a passion for bronze casting. The connection between the casting process and her fondness for horses has become an identifying factor in her powerful, yet sensitive sculptures.

Now living and working in Sante Fe, New Mexico, Lisa’s sculptures feature horses balanced on spheres, walking through hoops, straddling pedestals, and swaying on rockers while wearing cowboy boots. Although she often creates and casts other wild things, Lisa sees the power of the horse, set in whimsical scenes, as a metaphor for the human experience, demonstrating the balance between having fun and giving life purpose. In her words, “Horses are powerful, but that’s not what they need in a situation of precarious balance. They’re massive, physical beings, but there’s a frailty and delicacy of the legs—much like the human soul.”

Shanan Campbell, owner of Sorrel Sky Gallery, talked about Gordon’s playful yet poignant works. “Lisa’s sculptures have a definite element of whimsy. But they’re so much more. When we take a moment and really look, we see ourselves. We see the strength and commitment needed to stay connected and to be joyful. It’s all there.”