Cowgirl Handbags

We hold handbags near and dear to our hearts for many reasons. No matter how much stuffing you ate during the holidays, a purse always fits and it will always hold your stuff for you! If purses could tell you how pretty you looked and buy you dinner, they would almost be as fabulous as a man! As we do with men, there are a few qualities we hunt down when it comes to handbags. Will it hold your entire life? Is it western, chic and unique? Will it stand the test of time? Do I own anything else like it?

Stela 9 Mojave Weekender Bag, $302.

As women, we each have our own individual style. Sometimes that style means we flock to the same looks over and over again. If you are staring at your closet full of repeating black leather handbags, thinking, “how do they know?” No, we aren’t hanging out in your closet, we’ve just all committed the same crime.  So next time your shopping for your newest handbag, think of it as an extension of your swanky personality.

Check off the entire list of handbag requirements with these beauties. Southern, southwestern and sassy as hell!

Double J Saddlery Arrowhead Hobo Bag, $500

Totem Salvaged Vintage Serape Tote, $788.44

The Cherokee, available at Wild Bleu, $130

Totem Salvaged Vintage Leather Belt Bag, $870

Tasha Polizzi Beaded Clutch, available at Cry Baby Ranch, $145

The Culley, available at Wild Bleu, $425