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Southwestern Jewelry from Sunface Traders


Southwestern Jewelry from Sunface Traders

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sun_whitebuffaloI know what I want for Christmas this year! There are few things I love more than turquoise jewelry, I’m talking: 1. family 2. animals… then turquoise jewelry. A gal’s got to have her priorities straight!

What I love about Sunface traders is their constant selection. If you are a collector like myself, you know that usually when your in a jewelry shop, there’s only a few striking pieces and the rest are just kind of white noise. That’s not the case in this shop. Each handcrafted piece is a major eye catcher and the stones they use are crazy beautiful. Plus they always have a great selection of rings, bracelets, earrings, squashes and more. What else could a girl ever want, besides good horses, old whiskey and ah hell, let’s be honest, we require a lot.

Oval Cut White Buffalo Ring with Feather & Flower Detail


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