Cowgirl - southwestern rugWhether you’ve got your house decked out in western decor or mod, geometric patterns, southwestern rugs have a way of fitting into any rustic setting and really making a room pop. Even though minimalism is the current decor trend, people are using these rugs to add life to their rooms. Picture a room with white walls, white furniture (no this isn’t a stain removal nightmare) and maybe a wooden table. Sounds pretty damn boring, until you add some of this southwestern action to the floor. I highly doubt many of us have white furniture as many of us are covered in dirt & cow shit on a day to day basis, but you get the idea!

Not only do they add the perfect pop of color, but if you are decorating on a budget, I can honestly say this is where you want to invest a large part of of your budget. You can buy adorable/affordable shelves, tables and what nots at places like Hobby Lobby, Ikea and still have a nicely decorated home, but your rug is a huge focal point and will set the tone for the whole room. I’m not saying you’ve got to drop $1,000 on one rug, because there are great rugs at every price if you shop hard enough, but typically even the cheaper area rugs don’t fall much under a couple hundred buck-a-roonies. Just keep all that in mind!

These are some of my favorite rugs from some of my favorite rug retailers. They fall at different price points, so hopefully there is something for everyone here!


Painted Desert Rug