Save A Room In Your Home For This Southwestern Style Bathroom

The perfect amount of desert in your home!

August 28, 2018

Photo courtesy of @racheljoi Instagram.

From the rustic hints to the cactus shower curtain, all the way to the robin’s egg blue sink, this southwestern style bathroom is nothing short of perfect!

Photo courtesy of @racheljoi Instagram.

“”I’ve been in a creative rut & wanting to remodel my whole house (which I do about every 2 years). But for the sake of my marriage I settled on just remodeling my guest bathroom for now.

Photo courtesy of @racheljoi Instagram.

“Here is a sneak peek! My heart feels so much happier and my energy levels are so high right now, all because of a house project. I love decorating. It’s my feel good zone.

Photo courtesy of @racheljoi Instagram.

“When I was a little girl, I used to get paper and draw out my room like a blue print down to where my bed was, my sisters bed, etc…

Photo courtesy of @racheljoi Instagram.

I would always draw new ways to decorate my room. I still do this, it helps me to visualize projects. What do y’all think of this remodel so far?” -Rachel Joi

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