Cowgirl - sparkle and shine for under $100and shine for under $100

While I may not have any glamorous plans this New Year’s Eve, per say, I plan on looking glamorous…on the ranch. If you’ve been eyeing that Tasha Polizzi sequin skirt or something else just as fabulous, but you talked yourself out of it because you didn’t know when or how you’d wear it, NOW is the time to buy!

Nothing says, “hand me a glass of champagne and kiss me,” quite like sequins do on New Year’s Eve! Oh, and don’t think you can’t rock any of these hot little numbers with boots, because I’ve nominated myself as the western fashion police chief for today, and I’m declaring this totally legal.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do this NYE. Or do, I won’t tell! Have safe travels and look fabulous!


Kimono Sleeve Sequin Dress w/ Wrap Skirt, $99