Photo by: Believe Performance Horses……

It’s not everyday you see a foal as special as this one. He has a unique heart marking on his face. The white hairs that form a star and strip reveal a brown heart in the center of his forehead. What’s even more touching is the story behind this cutie!

A Special Foal

Believe Performance Horses in Eckville, AB, Canada raises performance horses. This little one was born there this year, 2021. Sired by Shiners Got Swagger and out of a daughter of Steady Tradition, this colt has lots of potential.

Unfortunately, the owner of this farm recently lost her son. He used to cook her eggs in heart shapes, unload square bales in the shape of a heart, and sign his name with a heart at the end. He also loved to give the mare a kiss right on her forehead in almost the exact spot of her foal’s marking.

His birthday was June 24 and his funeral/celebration of life was June 26… This beautiful colt was born on the evening of June 23. Her son, Kyler, was nicknamed Skye by his friends. The colt will be called this in remembrance.

If you’d like to share the message, use the hashtag #kindness_for_kyler.

Enjoy a few pictures of this special colt…

Photo by: Believe Performance Horses
Photo by: Believe Performance Horses
Photo by: Believe Performance Horses