kanaine cowgirl first looks cowgirl magazine
All photos courtesy of Sydelle, owner + creator at Kanine.

Sydelle’s father handed down a jacket sewn from Pendleton wool by her late mother and it was like she had a piece of her back. This was the inspiration for Kanaine. The shop is named for the ridge she grew up on in Oregon, where she learned the meaning of true beauty, and became the person that she is today. 

The Kanaine brand reimagines iconic wool fabrics and traditional concepts as versatile modern apparel and accessories with a story. It is the mission of Kanaine to push indigenously crafted slow fashion that encourages shoppers to open up to the cultural perspectives of native artists, their lived histories, and reasons for creating.

Little River Jackets, Willie Fringe Bags, Buckaroo Cowls, contact for pricing and availability. 

Shop more styles online at kanaine.com.