Autumn and Halloween is upon us! Have some fun with your horse this season by treating them to horse cookies. Every horse deserves a yummy snack. These homemade treats have a spooky or fall flair to them. Some are bats and pumpkins, while others are candy corn and fangs. The options are endless!

Autumn Horse Cookies

How amazing are these gourmet cupcakes made with steel cut oats, whole oats, flax seed, whole wheat flour, molasses, and royal icing decoration (vegan)! The cute designs are perfect for this time of year.

Halloween Pony Treats, $15.00, GiftedRider

Next up, candy corn cookies! This set of 6 is dressed up as mummies and vampires. They’re equally tasty and adorable.

Halloween Candy Corns, $17.99, PrettySweetTreatsNJ

Here’s a spooky snack! These treats include a coffin, fang, pumpkin, and bat. That’s everything you might imagine for the season. Even the pickiest of horses will enjoy these!

Halloween Horse Treat Pack, $18.00, CanterCafe

These horse donuts are fresh baked with wheat flour, oats, apples, flaxseed, molasses and sugar. They’re beautifully designed with a fall theme!

1 Dozen Autumn Donuts, $13.00, PonyRidersClub

Check out these 6 mini donuts for your best friend! They’re topped with sprinkles, glitter, and yummy frosting.

Spooky Donuts, $8.00, ShopThePoshPony

If you’re feeling extra creative, try making your own! You can decorate with black and orange.