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Spradley Designs Is Special…For More Reasons Than You Think!


Spradley Designs Is Special…For More Reasons Than You Think! Mother-daughter duo goals!

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I introduced you all to Super Mom Mkenzee Renae before…now it’s time to meet her mini-me! Spradley is one of the cutest, happiest, and most stylish little girls I have ever met. I know she’s just a baby, but you can definitely tell she LOVES having her mommy dress her up! She’s always got this sparkle in her eye that can only come from being so happy! Read on to see what Mkenzee has to say about her newest mommy-daughter endeavor.

I live for these baby blues 💙

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Mkenzee says, “I started Spradley Designs because the most fun I have is dressing her up. My love for fashion is being passed on to her, and she surprisingly loves to be dressed and in front of a camera! I’ve always loved creating things but have never found that “niche” until now. I think there is such a huge market for baby clothing and especially in the western industry! Fashion is already such a huge part of our industry, why not pass it down to our kiddos?”

Okay. Now I want that outfit! Not even kidding.

I never knew how much I loved your daddy until I saw how much he loved you 💛

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It’s a good thing Daddy Damon is okay with those big bows…and fringe, sparkles, and turquoise! “Daddy is on board completely! He even helps me come up with sayings for the onesies. Haha! One of them is about Spradley and her daddy, and I think a lot of other families will relate.”

“He loves that it’s a way for me to be at home with Spradley. Family is extremely important to us and it is hopefully going to be a way for me to spend more time with my family. Working seven nights straight at a hospital can really take that sentimental time away.”

Wondering why this is such a big deal to mama? She said, “”It’s something she and I can share and do together and that’s super important to me.”

Happy Sunday -XOXO, Spradley McCall ♥️🌹

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I’m pretty sure I have that SAME skirt in my closet! Sweet girl Spradley is rocking it way better than I ever could.

I HAVE THOSE PANTS. Can I be in y’all’s girl group? Honestly though, there’s nothing more precious than when a mama and daughter get to share something they both love. It impacts both lives tremendously.

What are the girls working on next? Mkenzee says, “We’re working on our onesie line right now to bring families affordable, stylish western onesies.”

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