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Break out those pool noodles! They are not for the pool this summer, but instead for a little spring cleaning … cowgirl style.

Boots are an essential part of any cowgirl’s closet. And with this time spent at home, dedicate time to give your boots a little TLC and a brand new home.

Step One: Clean, Clean Clean

Use a moisturizing leather cleaner to wash new life back in to your boots. This extends the life of your beloved boots. I use the Ariat Leather Boot Care Kit to keep my boots spic and span.

Step Two: Use Those Noodles

Pool noodles are the perfect boot trees. They keep your boots from slouching and developing unnecessary wear while on the shelf. Cut a length of noodle custom to each boot shaft and just slip it in!

Step Three: Design Your Boot Closet

You do not need to banish your boots to the closet floor any longer. Use your creativity to build boot shelves and show those puppies off. Check out these enviable boot closets to get some cowgirl inspo.

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Looking for the ultimate cowgirl boot closet, look no further than Thrifty Turquoise. All hail the cowgirl boot queen!

Go forth clean and create. We can not wait to see your cowgirl boot closets!