Horse owners tend to embrace the arrival of spring. It means warmer weather and longer days! Perfect for riding and getting back into training. This season also gives riders the chance to do some deep cleaning around the barn. It’s time to dust some cobwebs off the rafters and scrub all the buckets. For a more complete to do list, keep reading!

1. Turn out the horses, so that you have an empty barn for a few hours. It’s so much easier and healthier for them.

2. Open the doors and windows. Let the fresh air in!

The Barn

  • Scrub buckets, feed bins, and water tanks
  • Sweep the hayloft and remove junk hay
  • Clean gutters and downspouts
  • Remove cobwebs from the rafters and stall fronts
  • Inspect the barn thoroughly for any damage


  • Remove all of the bedding and disinfect mats
  • Re-level the floor if needed
  • Scrub walls and remove dust

Feed & Tack Room

  • Discard empty or expired grain bags and supplements
  • Clean and disinfect brushes
  • Send blankets out for cleaning and repairs
  • Restock the first-aid kit
  • Clean and condition tack
  • Inspect smoke detectors and fire extinguishers


  • Clean out water troughs
  • Inspect fencing by walking completely around it
  • Fill in any holes in the field
  • Identify drainage problems and work to resolve it
  • Eliminate toxic plants and trees. Check out: 5 Common Plants That Are Toxic To Your Horse
  • Remove dangerous branches and fallen trees
  • Clean out any run-in shelters

Riding Arena

  • Drag the arena to make it even
  • Inspect footing and add more or take some out, if necessary

You’ll also want to inspect your trailer and truck, if you have one. Spring is a great time to make sure everything is looking and working its best!