spring cleaning cowgirl magazine

The warmer weather and longer days likely have you in spring cleaning mode! It’s the perfect time of year to tidy things up and knock down some cobwebs. The barn is probably going to liven up a bit with more people riding, so now’s your chance to get ready.

Must-Do Cleaning Tasks

1. Clean your hay loft: They sure can get dusty! Now’s a great time of year to sweep and clean up loose hay. You don’t want to wait till summer when it’s hot up there. It’ll also allow you a chance to count bales and check your inventory. Make sure to put older bales in the front, so you use those first. You’ll want to discard any moldy or dusty ones.

2. Organize your tack room: Since you’ll likely be riding more in the summer, make sure to get your tack and accessories tidy beforehand. You can create categories- keep, sell, and trash. There’s no need to hold onto a bunch of unused tack.

3. Give the aisle a good cleaning: Most aisleways could use a good sweep! You should also take down cobwebs with the blower on your shop vac or use a broom. Don’t forget to clean under tack trunks and put away winter blankets.

There’s nothing like a clean and organized barn! Next up, checking off boxes on your horse’s spring care checklist. You got this!