Fresh asparagus comes up in the early or late spring depending on where you live. It’s one of my favorite vegetables and once you plant a bed, you’ll be rewarded with fresh asparagus every year. Here are some delicious recipes to try.

Planked Bacon Wrapped Asparagus, fire up the grill and make this. Anything that involves bacon has to be good.

Recipe and photo via BBQ Like It’s Hot.

Make a light and healthy pasta with vegetables.

Recipe and photo via Spinach For Breakfast.

Try a sausage and asparagus tart for breakfast or brunch.

Recipe and photo via Cake Over Steak.

Get your protein and try this side of asparagus and fava beans with toasted almonds.

Recipe and photo via The Brook Cook.

Any easy week day meal is a foil packet with asparagus and salmon; clean and healthy.

Recipe and photo via MJ and Hungry Man.

Make you side stand out and serve this asparagus with a carrot honey vinaigrette.

Recipe and photo via River City Good Eats.

Just add ricotta and cheese for a yummy asparagus tart.

Recipe and photo via Yummy Healthy Easy.

Sea salt, olive oil and lemon makes for a flavorful dish.

Recipe and photo via A Plan for Cooking.