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Spring Fashion Trend: Prairie Dresses


Spring Fashion Trend: Prairie Dresses Fall in love with this effortless romantic floral look.

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prairie dresses
Turns out prairie dresses aren’t just for Laura Ingalls Wilder anymore! Light and airy fabrics paired with layered cuts, frills, and delicate floral prints make this spring fashion trend a total cowgirl do! Wear it with your favorite boots, booties, or sandals,  throw a belt around the middle and you’re ready to go! We love the way this boho meets country look is so easy and natural. Now we just need to find Bobby Mcgee and a guitar. . .

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COWGIRL Online editor and Fashion Editor. I believe in a no-rules approach to fashion and style. Black can go with brown and gold can be paired with silver (see I told you, no rules). I love following the latest trends in the fashion world and applying them to the western industry. When I'm not COWGIRL-ing I spend the majority of my free time outside hiking, swimming, and biking around the southwest. Inquiries:



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