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Spring is in the air! With the arrival of this new season, you’ll want to get out your horse care checklist and start marking off some to-dos. You’re probably busy doing spring cleaning in the house, but don’t forget you have some horse business to attend to.

Spring Checklist

  1. Submit a fecal sample to your veterinarian or use a mail-in kit. You can create a deworming program around the results.
  2. Schedule an appointment with your equine dentist. They can give your horse an annual float and look for problem areas.
  3. Have your farrier pull off snow pads if you used them this winter. You’ll also want to keep your horse on a regular trimming schedule. Expect lots of growth this new season!
  4. Use a weight tape and rate your horse’s body condition. You may need to make changes with hay, grain, and supplements.
  5. Discuss with your veterinarian which vaccines they recommend for your area.
  6. Update their Coggins, especially if you plan to show or travel.
  7. Develop a plan to steadily bring your horse back into working condition.
  8. Check your tack for proper fit. Your horse’s body could have experienced changes over winter.
  9. Slowly adjust your horse to spring pasture, and be aware of their risk for laminitis.
  10. Examine your fencing and gates. Makes sure they’re safe and secure!

Who’s ready for warmer weather and more riding?!?