The groundhog said it first, “Spring is sneakin’ up on us!” Well, maybe he didn’t talk, but I imagine him being super southern if he did. With warmer weather approaching you’ll notice boutiques and designers shedding those layers of monotones and pumpkin spiced everything and replacing them with pretty, bright colors, florals and whatever people drink in spring. With those changes, come new nail colors and nail designs. Try out color blocking pastels or layering a simple bright colored design over a nude color.

Don’t get too caught up in trying to draw a flower on your right hand with your left hand and cussing like the dickens. Ha, you know you’ve tried it. If you ride the struggle bus when it comes to detailed nail art, reward yourself with a trip to the nail salon. If you’re a DIY gal, try any of these minimalistic manicures. Surely your left hand can handle a simple line, right?

Outlined Nails by Essie