I hate the words, “plus sized.” Especially when a sizes like 10 or 12 are considered plus. Yikes, do you mean NORMAL sized? These days it can be hard to find super cute clothes in normal sizes. I once held up a large top that I swear would barely fit an infant. But, thanks to brands like Johnny Was I don’t have to live on my soap box. Sure I’ll hop right back on it after bathing suit shopping, but let’s not think that far ahead…right?

Johnny Was carries every size from the itty bitty to the bold and voluptuous in just about every single one of their designs. If you haven’t ever had the chance to see Johnny Was designs’ in person then you’re just going to have to trust me – they are beautiful and luxurious. They use the best breezy, soft fabrics that hang like a dream and the prints and embroidery are so bright and detailed they are a spring must have for me! Pair one of their tunics with shorts, skirts or jeans and dress them as fancy or casual as you like. You’ll be comfy and cute as hell, I guarantee it!

Flash Tie Back Dress