If you want to capture someone’s attention, spray some! Warmer days are upon us, and so are refreshing floral and fruity scents! Whether you’re looking to re-define your signature scent or just looking for a summer fling, we’ve got you covered! Finding a perfume that screams YOU can be tricky, but you’ll love these ones.

Caramelized Vanilia and Madagascar Body Mist

SOL Janeiro

$19.00 on Amazon

Ahhh warm summer days, cast by golden hour light and the scents of a sandy beach. If this mist were a place, that would be it. Maybe you aren’t going to a beach this summer, but you can certainly feel like it! This mist is light enough to cover your whole body, yet strong enough to last the whole day.

Replica Beach Walk Fine Fragrance

Maison Margiela 

$115.91 on Amazon

Sunkissed, salty skin, all day and night? Yes, please! This charming, classic fragrance will take you back to feelings of sunkissed skin and those relaxing beach days when nothing else mattered.

Daisy Fine Fragrance

Marc Jacobs

$66.55 on Amazon

This fine fragrance screams summertime with fun hints of fresh fruits and garden flowers. This scent is a cult favorite for a reason, be prepared to answer “what are you wearing??” all day long!

Donna Rosa Verde Fine Fragrance Mist


$87.71 on Amazon

Vibrant in Valentino! This fragrance is larger than life with notes of lemon and fresh florals. This scent is sure to keep you feeling fresh and cool during the sweltering summer heat.

Clémentine California Fine Fragrance

Atelier Cologne

$144.88 on Amazon

Blue skies, fresh citrus, and the ocean in the distance. If we could live in a scent, this would be the one. Treat yourself to a fine fragrance that’s sure to turn heads.

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