4 Stone Turquoise Stacker Ring, $65 each, Bohemian Diesel Marketplace</…

Whoever decided wearing multiple rings on one finger was a good idea deserves an award, if you ask us.

Stackable rings don’t technically have any rules, but work best when the look is cohesive but not too matchy-matchy. Pick which metal you like, (silver, gold, or rose gold) then play with different details and sizes within that metal family. A set with a small stone and a mixture of textures is always a good choice!

Wear them all on one finger or spread them over both hands for a boho-chic effect. You don’t have to purchase a set to make the look work. Hunt around for specific pieces that you love and put them together separately. This is also a great way to mix in those vintage rings you love so much!


Super Thin Zuni Turquoise Stacker Rings, $39 each, www.turquoisetuesday.com.
Diamond Twisted Stacker Rings, $39 each, www.turquoisetuesday.com.
4 Stone White Buffalo Stacker Ring, $65 each, Bohemian Diesel Marketplace.