Whoever decided wearing multiple rings on one finger was a good idea deserves an award, if you ask us. We would wear a ring on every finger, every day if we could (and sometimes we do). Stackable rings don’t technically have any rules, but work best when the look is cohesive but not too matchy-matchy. Pick which metal you like, (silver, gold, or rose gold) then play with different details and sizes within that metal family. A set with a small stone and a mixture of textures is always a good choice! Wear them all on one finger or spread them over both hands for a boho-chic effect. You don’t have to purchase a set to make the look work. Hunt around for specific pieces that you love and put them together separately. This is also a great way to mix in those vintage rings you love so much!

Perfect Knuckle Ring Set, available at Tiny Box 12 on Etsy, $24.50.


Deluxe Hand Me Down Stack Ring, $64.00.

Carrie Multi Stone Ring Set, $

Kara Midi Ring Set, $65.

5 Chevron Knuckle Rings, available at Tiny Box 12 on Etsy, $18.50.