stamped silver cowgirl magazine
Photo courtesy of @blovebrand on Instagram……

We all have those words we live by. You’ve heard the sayings, “everything happens for a reason,” or, “focus on the good and the good gets better.” The common quotes are endless and some are more endearing than others. Trademark your words of wisdom by stamping it on silver!

Print your saying on any piece of jewelry! You can find so many adorable start-up’s that hand stamp on just about anything! What accessory piece are you looking for?

Maybe you’re in need of a friendly self-reminder! How about a boost to keep hustling!? You can get this by just looking down at a silver cuff.

We all have those friends that have trademark words or phrases. Hand stamped silver is such an easy and fun gift to design for that person!

How cute are these initial necklaces?! You can personalize a silver accessory with a brand or the initials of a significant other!

Or sometimes you just need to nonchalantly rock around a loud saying on a dainty piece!

Even necklace tags can be hand stamped for the cowboys!

Blove Brand on Instagram shows how you can even hand stamp a bottle opener! Another perfect gift for the boys!

Stamped jewelry is the perfect gift or way to create something of your own! There are so many small businesses that are willing to take you beyond your imagination and create an accessory of your own! Check out Walking K Co., Bar H & Co., and Cooks Rockin’ Boutique on Instagram to name a few. There’s so many cute start-up companies to support that are willing to help you rep your mottos!