"Cowgirl Magazine" - Stand Still

You know the horse, the one that moves all around the mounting block or walks off once you put your foot in the stirrup. It can make mounting your horse miserable. What’s worse, it can be very dangerous. It’s time you teach that horse to stand still. Follow this strategy and you’ll have a new horse in no time!

Step 1:

Once your horse is tacked up and you’ve taken him to the arena, you can bring him to the mounting block. Keep his reins loose and begin jumping up and down next to his side. If he begins to move around, continue jumping. The moment he stands still you can stop, as a reward for him. Repeat a few more times until he seems unfazed by your jumping.

Step 2:

Step it up a notch by jumping and flapping the stirrups. Don’t be afraid to touch the saddle or his neck and sides. Similarly, end the commotion as soon as he stands still.

Step 3:

At this point, your horse should be comfortable with your movement on the ground. He should stand patiently as you tug on the stirrups, adjust the girth, and hop in the air. Now, place a foot in the stirrup. Lift your body and drape yourself over the saddle without swinging the other leg over. Hold yourself in this position until he stands. Hop down once his movement has stopped.

Step 4:

It’s time to swing your other leg completely over now. You should be sitting on him. If he remains in place, then dismount immediately. If he walks off, pull him back and make him stand. You’ll have to dismount and get on a few times for it to really soak in.

Step 5:

Practice makes perfect. Teach your horse to not expect your next move by mounting in new spots each time.