Starting Kindness

There are many different methods for starting or breaking a horse. Some old-school trainers still rely on fear and intimidation, but a newer wave of training suggests communicating with the horse and developing a trusting bond. At Star Bar Ranch in Alberta, Canada, Jimmy Anderson is an advocate for making your horse a friend. Follow his journey of taking a 2-year-old colt from untouched to saddle broke in one morning.

Featured on CBC, The Nature of Things is a series of documentaries that touch on science, wildlife and technology. Some of the recent episodes include Equus: The Story of The Horse. These episodes showcase various horse-related content from the first riders to popular breeds. On one particular show, viewers can watch Anderson start a horse with gentle methods.

Check out the exciting documentary below:

This cowboy is able to take this once untouched horse on a trail ride by the end. Hopefully, this remarkable journey will act as a message for aspiring trainers. It doesn’t take force and aggression. There’s nothing more impressive than working with your horse and developing a long-lasting bond.

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