American Quarter Horses are one of the most popular breeds in the United States. They dominate in the western industry! These horses can be found on ranches in Montana, riding through trails in Colorado, and jogging around in Ohio arenas. Nearly every state has at least a thousand or two with many having 50,000 plus!

Top States for Registered Quarter Horses

  1. Texas (414,808)
  2. Oklahoma (162,513)
  3. California (112,915)
  4. Missouri (94,852)
  5. Montana (86,978)
  6. Colorado (80,811)
  7. South Dakota (79,743)
  8. Nebraska (79,271)
  9. Kansas (71,906)
  10. Iowa (63,612)

You can see where your area falls in the ranking with this helpful map and chart from the American Quarter Horse Association.

Photo by: AQHA

It’s clear that Texas is the leading state for American Quarter Horses by a huge margin. It is interesting that large populations can be found all across the United States, as seen with the yellow and light blue colors. There isn’t a dominate area. The East Coast has the smallest numbers.

Do any of these numbers shock you?