winter cowgirl magazine

It’s so easy to get in a winter slump! The chilly air and overcast skies aren’t motivating at all. Many rush out to the barn to feed and clean, then hurry back inside their warm house this time of year. Here’s an invitation to enjoy winter AND your horse. Embrace the cold and have some fun in it.

How to Avoid the Winter Blues

  1. Attend a clinic: A clinic or lesson can be very motivating! Spark a new flame by receiving some instruction from a professional you admire. You can attend in person or watch virtually! Hopefully, the clinician will give you plenty to work on.
  2. Buy some winter barn clothes: If you want to make the cold weather more bearable, then you need to dress for it.
  3. Ride in the morning: Try to wake a bit earlier and squeeze a morning ride in before work. Riding in the evening without light can zap your motivation.
  4. Stay organized: Create an effective system for cleaning and feeding, so you have more time to actually play with your horse.
  5. Enter a winter show: Check out local shows and see what looks interesting. It’ll encouraged you to practice, practice, practice…
  6. Connect with barn buddies: It helps to have a friend at the barn. You can plan a trail ride together or just plod around in the arena.
  7. Play music at the barn: Turn your favorite tunes up and get busy! Sometimes, that’s all you need to get up and get going.
  8. Work your horse on the ground: Instead of riding, work on your horse’s ground manners. It can be quicker and involves no tacking up.
  9. Catch up on books/movies: There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a few good books or movies. Everyone needs a day off here and there! If you choose a training video, you might even get motivated to go to the barn afterwards.
  10. Ask for help: It can be helpful to ask a spouse or friend to assist with barn chores so you can ride.

Winter is here to stay for a few months, so try to the make the best out of it!