Photos courtesy of @littlepaintleather on Instagram. ……

It is that time of year again! The importance of staying hydrated is rising with every increase in temperature. Summer is on its way! 

We all know the struggle of carrying around our clanky water bottles. We’ll leave them in a stall, in the tractor, or in our trucks. Little Paint Leather has helped to alleviate these issues! 

They have designed the most adorable water bottle holders. Made with leather and beautifully designed with turquoise, tooling, and stunning silver conchos, these are a show stopper you’ll want to add to your saddle! 

The water bottle holders can carry “most 32oz insulated water bottles” or “2 standard plastic water bottles side by side” according to their Instagram.

Drinking water just got way more motivating because who wouldn’t want to add one of these to your saddle!