We all know the saying that champions are made in the off-season, but whoever said that didn’t know they were talking about keeping horses in shape in freezing temps and trying to practice in the brutal snow. While the temps are falling, you can still be practicing! This article goes out to all our cold-weather competitors and those looking to sharpen their physical skills in the off-season outside of the arena!

Physically training your body is one of the most versatile and accessible ways to go the extra mile during the off-season. Just like any other sport, specific rodeo and equine events require different physical strengths and techniques.

Photo Courtesy of APEC Elite Training Facility

Carly Green, a performance coach with a background in goat tying and breakaway roping has explained how an added emphasis on agility and physical fitness can be the difference between winners and the rest of the pack. She has worked closely with Stacey Martin, McNeese State rodeo coach, and Next Level Goat Tying founder to encourage an emphasis on agility and fitness, as rodeo athletes require specific demands. There are gyms and agility programs nationwide that offer specific footwork or strength training, including Green’s elite training APEC facilities in Fort Worth and Tyler, Texas.

Even if you’re not in a gym, there are endless ways to get those extra reps in. From resistance bands to free weights, there is truly a workout for every body and skill set. Don’t let your time trapped indoors hinder your competitive edge this winter!