The days are getting colder and shorter. It appears winter is about to show its face. Since your horse still expects to be fed and cared for, you’ll probably be spending some time out in this chilly weather. It’s important you know how to stay cozy and warm. Cold fingers and feet make farm chores miserable. If you follow these tips, you won’t have to worry about that!

How to Stay Warm

1. Dress in Layers: Your base layer should be breathable and easily wick away excess moisture. A turtleneck topped with a sweater can keep your chest and arms toasty. Finish it off with a waterproof jacket.

Winter breeches allow for freedom of movement while keeping you warm. When doing chores, consider jeans with Carhartts over top. Furthermore, breathable socks are the way to go this winter!

2. Boots & Gloves: Don’t skimp on these two essential items. Get durable and long-lasting winter boots and gloves. Check the reviews before you buy!

You can also pre-warm these items by a heater before you go outside. Nothing like putting your fingers into toasty warm gloves!

3. Drink Up: It’s easy to forget to stay hydrated! With chores and riding, your body will need water in order to keep itself warm. A hot beverage like coffee or tea can also be helpful on those chilly days.

4. Get the Blood Flowing: Before you even start mucking or feeding, try doing some stretches and light exercises to get you blood pumping. Once you get going, your body will start generating a good supply of heat.

5. Pace Yourself: On the other hand, too much exercise can be harmful. Wet, sweaty clothes can bring on a chill. So, make sure to pace yourself.

6. Eat High-Fat Foods: Cheese, nuts, and other high-fat foods are a slow-burning fuel. Eating keeps your internal furnace going!

You can enjoy winter by preparing ahead for it! Buy the right clothing and follow these tips.

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